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ViBacSan Hygiene and Sanitation


AfriNat® hygiene and sanitation products comprise of a proprietary blend of bioflavonoids, phenolic compounds and fruit acids, abundantly found in the human daily diet of fruits and vegetables. Most aromatic substances synthesized by plants are phenols or their oxygen substituted derivatives. All ingredients are carried in a food safe naturally derived solvent which makes the active ingredients infinitely soluble in water (Patent no. 2013/01608)[3][4]. 


In many cases, these substances serve as plant defense mechanisms against predation by insects and herbivores. More importantly, the ViBacSan® range exhibit highly efficacious anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral activity, most likely due to the polyphenols ability to inactivate microbial adhesions, enzymes and cell envelope transport proteins. These methods of action do not cause a resistance build-up in bacteria (Patent no. 2013/01608)[3][5][6]. 


The ViBacSan range of products are:

  • 100 % natural, environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans, fauna, flora, avian or aquatic lifeforms [7].
  • Being non-toxic and biodegradable, the compound is a platform for many products in the agricultural, health and food industries [8].
  • Stable at room temperature [9].
  • Hypoallergenic [10].
  • Non-corrosive and non-tainting [11].
  • Long-lasting residual effect of up to 8 hours [12-14]. • Anti-bacterial (log ⁵) and anti-fungal (log ⁴) activity [5][11][15-19].
  • Inhibits bacterial biofilm formation [20].
  • Anti-viral activity [21-23][31].
  • Reduces COD and BOD levels in wastewater [7].
  • NRCS, SABS, NSF, Kosher and Halaal certified [24-28].


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