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Afrinat is a proud, wholly owned subsidiary company of African Equity Empowerment Investments (AEEI) Holdings which is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and registered as B-BBEE level 1.

Our company is a national research and development, technical advisory and manufacturer of agricultural products, specializing in the marketing and distribution of innovative, “next generation” crop protection, crop health and plant life scientific brands. With more than 20 years’ experience with complexed bioflavonoids and fruit acid extracts as active ingredients, Afrinat presents a well-integrated biological portfolio to growers, providing holistic and natural solutions in an ever-changing environment.

The company’s wide range of offerings includes soil conditioners, seed treatments, bio-stimulants, biocides (pest and disease) and multi nutritional feed. Solutions and remedies are designed to suit agent’s grower’s requirements, resulting in great success stories and financial returns.

The business model optimizes its cost structure, resulting in greater flexibility and responsiveness to active market changes, allowing clients to react timeously. Afrinat values its agent network which comprises of more than 80 agents in 5 provinces across South Africa. Our team are proud of the relationships built, maintaining high ethical values throughout the agricultural value chain, from seed to fork. This high-touch component of the model addresses Afrinat’s skilled research and development capability, enhanced by a dynamic commercial, marketing and technical team that maintains strong ties with our client base.


  • Improved plant health and vigour
  • Increases plant quality and yield
  • Increased nutrient up-take
  • Increases saccharine title (Brix-levels)
  • Manufactured with Natural ingredients from renewable resources
  • No impact on existing MRL levels
  • No withholding period prior harvest after spraying
  • Reduction on dependency of traditional synthetic agrochemicals
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable
  • Cost dose response effective formulated dosages
  • Increases the bio-availability and assimilation of nutrients through effective uptake and enhances tree metabolism
  • Has demonstrated the reduction of stress levels in the plant
  • Promotes vigor and healthy plants – improves sap flow, increases fruit set, reduces physiological fruit drop
  • Mimics the effect of the growth hormone Giberrilic, “Gibberellin effect”
  • Enhances flavor, colour and (brix levels) -sweet title (quality and yield), through increased carotenoid activity
  • No withholding period after spraying (up to 1 day prior harvest)


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